Burning Hearts


Burning Hearts Internship (3-6 months Renewable)

Burning Hearts Internship is a 3 Months Renewable program where individuals who desire to experience the part-time/ full-time mission life in the prayer and missions' movement. The internship is designed as a level 2 training for those who have been through Level 1. It will be a 3 – 6 months journey that focuses on cultivating a "rule of life" (root system) through a "rhythm of life" (environment).

We will be going through topics such as;

  1. David's Tent
  2. Forerunner Ministry
  3. Great Commandments & Commission (The Rule & Rhythm of Life)
  4. 7 Commitments of a Forerunners
  5. Tools for The Prayer Room / Prayer Leading
  6. Harp & Bowl Training


Full-Time Internship

Individuals will have to go through Level 1.
Fortnightly House Meeting
10 hrs. / week of prayer room involvement
10 hrs. / week of Work & Projects
2 Mission Trips
Monthly Assignment

Part-Time Internship

Individuals will have to go through Level 1
Fortnightly House Meeting
4 hrs. / week prayer room involvement
4 hrs. / week of Work & Projects
1 Mission Trip
Monthly Assignment


The primary scope for these full-time interns are as followed:

Minister to the Lord (Singers, Musicians and Intercessor)
To be involved in Equipping and Training in BH / Partnering Churches
Setting Up of Prayer Room
Fortnightly House Meeting
Opportunity to serve in the nations in missions