Burning Hearts


The CuLTURE of The Prayer Room

We believe that God is raising up His prayer movement in the nations through His Church as houses of prayer, to serve as a global upper room in preparation for a global outpouring that was prophesied in Joel 2. The beauty of all these prayer rooms around the world is in their diversity of expression, yet similar in their root-system inspired by David’s Tent. Likewise here in Burning Hearts, we join ranks with the Body of Christ and the houses of prayer in the nations that God is raising here in Singapore with this set of cultures that we have labour over the years.

  • It is Centred Around the Beauty & Worth of Jesus (Psalm 27:4, Luke 10:38-42)

  • It is Driven by Singers & Musicians who Ministers with Their Instruments and Songs (1 Chronicles 22 - 26)

  • It is Anchored In The Word of God & The Leadership of the Holy Spirit (Psalm 1, Psalm 119, Joshua 1:8, Luke 24, Isaiah 66:1-2)

  • It is Modelled after Heaven’s Tabernacle (Rev 4 - 5, Amos 9:11)

  • It Serves as A National Security / A Resting Place for our Nation (1 Chronicles 25:1 )