Burning Hearts



The prayer room is central to everything we do at Burning Hearts. Modelled after the tabernacle of David (1 Chronicles 9:33), it is a place where we minister unto the Lord and intercede for the nations. We believe the Kingdom of God is governed through prayer and intercession (Revelation 5), and we desire to partner with Jesus, our Great Intercessor, to see His Kingdom be established here on earth.


Why Prayer Room?

Jesus is Worthy

The only fitting response to the cross of Jesus is unceasing adoration and worship. The 24/7 expression of prayer and worship is more than a goal in itself, but a by-product of our revelation of the worth of Jesus put on display. If God is truly great, He must be praised without ceasing and because there is no end to His greatness. 24/7 is our limitation now, but eternity is our ultimate vision.

Spiritual Formation

The Prayer Room is a Spiritual Greenhouse. It is a dedicated environment with a set of specific values for the cultivation of Forerunner Messengers.

The power of prayer goes beyond activity, but the transformation within our hearts because of encountering the heart of God. In encountering and responding to His heart through prayer, we eventually become the answers to His prayers. We call this partnership with God. In Burning Hearts, we encourage people to pray using the Scriptures, allowing these words to form us - the word becoming flesh, and us becoming His messengers.

Birthplace of Missions

In the history of the Church, every missional movement that existed can be traced back to prayer meetings. 

In Acts 2, God took 120 praying people and fill them with His Spirit, and that shook the nation of Israel and the Roman empire with the gospel. In Acts 13, God set apart Paul and Barnabas to preach the gospel to the Gentile world through a prayer meeting in Antioch. In the 18th Century, the Holy Spirit fell upon a praying community known as the Moravians, which sparked an unbroken chain of prayer for 110 years, releasing one of the most significant missional movements that inspired the landscape of modern missions.

We believe God is preparing the Church for the final thrust of missions, fulfilling Matthew 24:14 to usher in the return of the King through the rise of a global prayer movement on the earth today.

National Security & Refuge

In 1 Chronicles 25:1, it was the king and captain of the army who assigned the singers and musicians in the tent to minister to the Lord. It gave us insight that tabernacle of David was part of the national security of Israel.

In Luke 18, Jesus drew a parable of the persistent widow in response to the question of “when will the kingdom of God come?”. Jesus answered that question by setting the stage of the kind of world we will be living in before His return. A world where people in authority will neither fear God nor respect people, and injustice seems to be prevailing against the Church and our deliverance seems to on delay. The prescription that Jesus gave to us and the Church in end-times was to not lose heart in the place of prayer, but to cry out night and day.


What happens in the prayer room?

We have different prayer room sets that provide an atmosphere for hearts to encounter and respond to the Holy Spirit through worship and prayer.

Devotional Worship:

These sets provide an anointed atmosphere for individuals to pray silently, worship, read their Bibles and meditate upon scripture in God’s presence.

Worship with the Word:

Designed to function as a singing seminary, teams focus on singing through portions of scripture. A prayer format in which we agree with biblical truths of who God is and what His promises are, these sessions provide an opportunity to enter into a deeper study of the Word.


This is a prayer format where the entire room is invited to engage in corporate prayer. There are specific prayer themes, and individuals are welcome to pray over the microphone for a corporate burden. There are also cycles of small group prayer and rapid-fire prayer, where all are encouraged to go up to the microphone to pray a succession of 15-second prayers.



5:30PM - 7:30PM: Devotion
7:30PM - 9:30PM: Worship with the Word


5:30PM - 7:30PM: Worship with the Word
7:30PM - 9:30PM: Intercession