Burning Hearts


God’s Resting Place in Singapore:

We believe 24/7 prayer and worship is a by-product of a revelation of Jesus’ greatness and worth, thus we are giving ourselves in this prayer room to call forth the “Davids” and “Marys” in this nation, who will live a life of extravagance through worship and prayer in response to the worth of Jesus. We are committed to pray for the Body of Christ in Singapore to see the beauty and the worth of Jesus, and for there to be a corporate response where Jesus will be worshipped night and day.

The Great Commission:

We believe that God’s story for Singapore is tied to the destinies of Israel, the Nations, and the Great Commission. Collectively with the houses of prayer in the region of South-East Asia, the Lord has given us a vision to see the islands sing over barrenness, till we see salvation spring forth for God’s End-Time purpose in the Middle-East. We are committed to praying for justice to be established, as well as to the Lord of the Harvest to send out labourers to the nations, fuelled by a vision to see the second coming of Jesus.

Releasing of Messengers (Forerunners):

We believe the Lord has given us a vision to raise and release forerunners who will prepare the way for the return of Jesus in Singapore and beyond. We are committed to pray for a movement of forerunners who will give themselves to live a consecrated lifestyle, to be a witness of Christ, and a friend of the Bridegroom to prepare the nations for the second coming of Jesus.

Spiritual Awakening in Singapore:

We believe in the promises of God found in Joel 2:12-32. As we constantly respond to Him with prayer, worship and fasting, we believe the spiritual atmosphere over our nation shifts and we are believing for His outpouring in our nation. We are committed to pray for Singapore till we see her flourish to the fullness of her calling.