Burning Hearts

Values (P.A.P.E.R.S)

Passion for Jesus

The only image that can rightly describe and define passion is Christ on the cross. The passion of Jesus is the source of our passion for Jesus. Jesus gave it all for us so that He can have all of us. Our definition of passion goes beyond a good feeling, but a way of life stemming from a deep conviction of who Jesus is. Beyond being a spark that catalyzes a movement to excite people for a brief moment, we desire to be a flame that burns steady for decades, illuminating a dark world with the light of Christ.

Authority of the Scriptures

In Burning Hearts, we desire to raise up messengers who speak with authority because they have subjected themselves to the Word of God. We make it a priority in our community to train young people to pray-read, sing and meditate the scriptures. In doing so, we are making room for these words to form us into messengers that embody His heart.

Prayer & Worship unto The Great Commission

The worth of Jesus is the reason for the great commission. The revelation of His worth compels us to take the gospel of His kingdom to the nations because He must be worshipped. We believe God will mark hearts with His zeal and commission them to the nations as we give Him our gaze and posture ourselves to be a student of His heart.

Ekklesia – The Church

The ultimate desire of Jesus will be fulfilled by The Church (Bride of Christ) who will love Him fully & rightly. Burning Hearts is part of this bigger body – The Church.  The reason of our existence is to serve His Church till she flourishes into the full stature of her identity. 

Radical Discipleship

Jesus modelled the way He discipled the twelve by forging authentic relationships, and served them by washing their feet (John 13). He commended them to do likewise for one another, just as how He did for them. The hallmark of a disciple of Jesus is their love for another (John 17) as well as their humility in service. We believe that as we learn to do that for one another, we are reminding each other of the One whose ways we are following. 

Second Coming of Jesus

We believe that the second coming of Jesus is the ultimate climax of the gospel to restore all things. It is also clear in the scriptures that the second coming of Jesus is tied to the mandate of the great commission. We can play a part in hastening His return by praying and advancing the gospel of Jesus’ Kingdom to every nation (Matt 24:14). Burning Hearts fully embraces the ministry of a forerunner, anchoring our hearts with this blessed hope in preparing the nations for His return as a core foundation in all that we do.