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In Psalm 110, David witnessed the ascension of Jesus before time, where He saw the Lord sitting at the right hand of the Father ruling in the midst of His enemies through intercession. The beautiful thing about the vision did not stop with Jesus interceding, but His people volunteering themselves in that day to partner with Him in the place of intercession..

Here in Burning Hearts, our platform of worship and prayer is a response to His invitation, where people would give their time and talent to partner with Jesus in the place of prayer and intercession with the Beauty of Jesus at the centre (Worship).

One of our assignment as a community is to establish the reality of night and day prayer and worship in Singapore to serve as a witness to prepare the nations for the return of Jesus. With the same heart as David, we hope to gather as many singers, musicians and gatekeepers (prayer leaders) and set them before God and minister to the Lord.

Just to note that there will be a process of assessment (for the purpose of accountability with your local body) that we will have to walk through with you before putting you up on a set for service.

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